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Coaching at GolfSpace is all about layered learning using our unique PlayMaker 6 philosophy. Our system is based on progression through five skill levels for each of the six elements of the game: Off the tee, approach the green, around the green, putting, course navigation and mindset.

PlayMaker 6 Coaching – How it works

Our integrated technology records your data for each PlayMaker 6 element, rating your ability in each area from one to five.

In order to progress and level up, you are given target windows for each data parameter (we call this “accountability to the numbers”) and specific scenarios to practice for each area of focus.

As you practice between lessons, you can manage your own data in our member portal, share with your coach and track your progression using our exclusive access to the Anova strokes gained app when you’re out on the course. Once you’ve hit your target numbers, you level up and start aiming for a tighter window!

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The best personal golf coaching experience on the planet

GolfSpace’s unique coaching and performance programs are unlike anything you have experienced before – a complete recalibration of how golf performance coaching is approached and experienced.

With Trackman 4, PuttView and Anova, we use data-driven analysis of every aspect of your game to customise your learning and track your progression.

Our PGA-qualified coaches take advantage of the unique zones within GolfSpace so you can master true on course performance.

They will support and guide you through an experience tailored to your needs, whether you’re…

  • A beginner wanting to get golf course ready
  • An experienced golfer looking to transform part of your game
  • Seeking a full performance pathway to your best golf ever

Coaching at GolfSpace is based on our performance philosophy...

1Embrace the numbers. The keys to your best golf can be found in your data

2Train like a pro using the latest and most innovative solutions

3Focus on the key areas in your game for the biggest impact

4Practice on the field of play - an opportunity unique to simulator golf

5Make the absolute most of your practice time

6Have fun. It’s a game!

Personalised goal-focused coaching

We don’t believe in quick swing tips or one-off fixes.

Our coaching philosophy covers your whole game. We are your partner and coach supporting every aspect of your journey. Using layered learning that teaches you foundational skills then lets you build upon then, GolfSpace will unlock the golf you’ve always wanted to play.

A potent formula:

Your golf DNA + the latest technology + innovative performance system + world-class facilities + some of Australia’s best PGA coaches

= your best golf ever

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